My Technology Knowledge

The Computer Graphics major at Pratt Institute required all students to learn programming for 2D and 3D graphics, so I enrolled in computer graphics programming courses in fall 1989 and spring 1990.  These courses taught an early version of the C programming language.  Following my sophomore year I took courses in 3D modeling and animation.  In 2D computer animation courses I learned Macromedia (Adobe) Director and Lingo, an object-oriented programming language.

Nearly a decade after taking 2D and 3D graphics programming courses I learned web production using Macromedia Dreamweaver (currently Adobe Dreamweaver).  I began using Macromedia (Adobe) Flash with ActionScript primarily for the development of websites using the Flash Player platform (as SWF files embedded into Web pages).  Additionally, I use ActionScript to control 2D vector animations.

Currently I am developing iPhone applications for art and mobile learning (see v-think).

I regularly use HTML/Javascript/CSS and Adobe Flash ActionScript.  Less frequently I have experimented with MAX/MSP/Jitter and Processing.  I am using Linden Scripting Language to control the behavior of 3D objects in Second Life. I am experimenting with how to send and receive data using Pachube.  I am learning how to create Second Life objects that are controlled by Pachube feeds. For example, I use Pachtweet to send Twitter messages to control Pachube feeds (which in turn controls Second Life objects).

Much of what I use consists of digital media production and Web 2.0 applications that facilitate creative expression and online interactive information sharing and collaboration.

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