My Statement of Teaching and Learning

A Summer Arts Institute internship at Rutger's University provided my first teaching and learning experience. Activities included screenings of films such as Style Wars, a documentary about graffiti and urban New York City life in the 1980s, that highlighted a racially and ethnically diverse group of creative young artists. I invited youth, faculty, and teaching artists to participate in open discourse about hip-hop culture and unsanctioned or subversive art created in public (and private) spaces. I taught computer graphics and traditional graffiti to re-define art that communicates with everyday people about socially relevant themes in ways that are informed by aesthetic fundamentals without being limited by them.

My approach to teaching involves active learning that promotes the breakdown of boundaries and an open system based on student-led collaborative inquiry and involvement. My curricula is often project-based, student-driven, and addresses core needs. Activities enable spontaneous interactions in which the information I provide is punctuated by the creative expression from the learners. Other relational concepts include:

Expression/Immersion • Discourse/Collaboration • Play/Risk • Constant Feedback

I develop curricula to support blended learning and often includes asynchronous learning, a method that uses online resources to facilitate sharing outside the constraints of time and space among learners. These methods provide opportunities to expand on, or enhance formal visual analysis of core fundamentals. I customize web-based tools to enable collaboration, sharing and commentary through online social networking, messaging, blogging, forums, chat rooms, and live classroom sessions. I constantly challenge students to come up with new uses for existing technologies and actively explore emergent ones.

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